Equipment and Services


2016 kubota u17-3 Mini excavator

300mm/450mm/1000mm buckets

Quick Hitch

k93 Perkins Disel AWD Dingo

4 in 1 Bucket

Pro post hole drive unit

Pro trencher with tungsten digger chain


Concrete mixer

200mm/300mm/350mm/450mm Augars

4.5t tipper truck
Our services include

  • under house excavation
  • footings and trenches
  • Prep for concrete
  • Prep for turf laying
  • post and pier hols
  • Spoon drains and landshaping
  • Leveling
  • Driveway sculpting
  • Site cleans and rubbish removal
  • Electrical Trenches
  • Water pipe trenches
  • Bricklaying and blockwork
  • Small Concrete slabs and paths
  • Concrete footings
  • Basic landscaping
  • Supply of road base, gravel, mulch, organic soils and compost materials
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